Lambda Tau Omega Sorority, Inc.

University of Illinois @ Urbana-Champaign

Facts and Questions

Q.  Does Lambda Tau Omega  haze?

A. LTO is a non-hazing organization! Since our inception, our intake process is very sacred and is not meant to disrespect, degrade, or dehumanize any woman. LTO follows all anti-hazing policies at the University of Illinois, and at every school we are recognized at. Our organization has been dedicated to the membership education process to build upon sisterhood, scholarship, independence and unity. Not only do you have the opportunity to learn about many different women from across the USA, you also have the chance to learn more about yourself and the inner strengths you possess.

Q. Is Lambda Tau Omega affiliated with any fraternal organizations?

A. LTO has been and will continue to be INDEPENDENT, from our birth in 1988. We as independent womyn believe that we must stick together to battle any and all injustices toward our female gender. The 16 Founding Mothers created this organization for womyn to have a connection to one another as well as a strong support system. LTO does not have a brotherhood, but has and will continue to build close working relationships with many. We have co-sponsored many events with fraternal organizations and will continue to do so over time.

Q. Does Lambda Tau Omega require a certain grade point avergae to pursue membership?

A. LTO requires that each interest has and maintains a minimum GPA of 2.5. It is our belief that education comes first and nothing else. In addition you are not eligible to pursue membership as a first semester Freshman. You must wait at least until your second semester before you are considered for membership candidacy. LTO always encourages a higher GPA because we are an organization committed to "Excellence through Unity Knowledge and Dedication", and we aim for scholastic achievement amongst our members.

Q. Why is Lambda Tau Omega considered Multicultural?

A. LTO's overall membership reflects diversity as our sorors come from a myriad of ethnic, political and religious backgrounds. Our sisters range in ethnicity from African to Asian, but this does not solidify our diversity. Furthermore our diversity stems from our religions, professions, characteristics, and our beliefs. As a multicultural organization, we strive to break all barriers by using our sorority as the vehicle to a common understanding that we are all one in this world. Since 1988 LTO has been multicultural and we have achieved new heights in our professional, personal and organizational lives due to this principle. In addition, part of what makes us a Multicultural organization is our programming geared towards diverse populations, that enable us to educate and unite all cultures worldwide.

Q. Does Lambda Tau Omega step or stroll?

A. LTO participates in both activitiesStepping has been part of our herstory since the inception of our organization. In the Fall of 2001, 5 womyn came together and created what is now known and respected as the National Step Team. These womyn are; Renata McNeil, Oshaira Cabrera, Priscilla Almonte, Jessica Martinez, and Adhari Fullman. After 4 years these womyn have expanded the NST to 11 dedicated, diligent, and creative womyn. Our NST is known for our hardcore signature steps, creative themes, and crazy endings. In the Fall of 2004 Lambda Tau Omega also started a National Stroll Team, spearheaded by Alejandra Mondragon. To see our national step/stroll teams in action check out the videos we have posted

Q. Does Lambda Tau Omega have a national website?

A. Yes, our national website is